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Jahoo offers exclusive gibbon and primate spotting experiences in Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary, Cambodia.

Gibbon Conservation

Jahoo is the best place in Cambodia to observe wild gibbons and other primates in a protected forest.

Community-owned Ecotourism

Jahoo is an ecotourism enterprise providing wildlife-friendly employment and motivating community-led conservation action.

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The mission of Jahoo is to provide unparalleled gibbon watching experiences that motivate conservation action and promote indigenous Bunong culture

Gibbons: Jahoo offers exclusive tours to see unique gibbons and other primates in Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary.

Conservation: Jahoo motivates community conservation action protecting a globally important primate hotspot.

Community: Jahoo links conservation success to community development motivating long-term community leadership whilst promoting indigenous rights.

Famous for its abundance of primates, Jahoo is home to the globally endangered southern yellow-cheeked crested gibbon.


Sheltering more than 25% of the population, it is a global hotspot for this unique species.

Our Tours

Join gibbon researchers tracking a habituated group of southern yellow-cheeked crested gibbons, gaining unparalleled access to this endangered species. Led by indigenous local guides, witness traditional forest skills, explore remote waterfalls and spot other rare primates and unique wildlife.


Gibbon tracking, forest hiking and a sacred jungle waterfall


Witness the jungle at night whilst in comfort at the iconic bamboo camp


An immersive journey into forest, endangered wildlife and indigenous Bunong culture

Jahoo presents a unique opportunity to visit Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary.


Follow the eerie song of the rare yellow-cheeked crested gibbon, spot endangered black-shanked douc langur, discover traces of asian elephant and sun bear, glimpse spectacular birdlife.

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Escape to nature and dedicate some time to relax in comfort at the unique Bamboo Camp where you can enjoy true wilderness soothed by the sounds of the jungle while enjoying delicious Bunong cuisine and local produce.
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Jahoo is the best destination to observe wild gibbons within a protected area.


Your visit contributes to essential gibbon conservation and supports the indigenous community in protecting ancestral land.


Discover unrivalled wildlife spotting and cultural experience 

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